Beca 21/22

WINNER: Adrián Sastre Díaz

There are many creative views of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone and, by extension, the Garrotxa landscape. Now, however, an Asturian photography student, Adrián Sastre, is trying to capture unusual views, nocturnal landscapes of the area, as part of the Burbujas project, winner of the ENFooCA grant from the Arnau Bartrina Luque awards.

Sastre's project fits perfectly with the aims of the grant to support projects by young creators in the audiovisual field related to biodiversity and the landscape, and to perpetuate the memory of Arnau Bartrina Luque. Adrián Sastre, who stayed at the Can Jordà cabin, explains that Burbujas aims to capture nocturnal images that he makes with light scattering points created by himself that allow him to discover parts of the landscape and leave the rest in the penumbra and in the darkness, and therefore to everyone's imagination. "I wanted to experiment with light bubbles and break static spotlights," he says.

The photographs that will be edited by Sastre and that will be deposited in the library of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.