Beca 22/23

WINNERS: Noviembre edicions de Barcelona (Candela Sánchez y Cèlia Moreno)

Els tossols (small hills resulting from the cooling of volcanic lava) are the protagonists of the photographic work carried out by Candela Sánchez and Celia Moreno, from Noviembre edicions de Barcelona, winners of the second edition of the Enfooca Arnau Awards Residency Grant Bartrina Luque, who promotes the homonymous association of family and friends to continue the passion of this young man from Montagut i Oix, who died in 2020 due to the accidental bite of a spider fish while filming fish on the Platja Gran in Platja d'Aro.

Both scholarship recipients have highlighted that they have been attracted by the uniqueness of these geological formations and the fact that, paradoxically, they are the great forces of the geology of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. The creators, who have done a work residency in Can Jordà, in the heart of the Fageda d'en Jordà, one of the most popular natural reserves in the volcanic area, have stated that the knowledge they have used for their creation has been fundamental. project resulting from contact with technicians from the Natural Park, the Landscape Observatory and the expert geologist on the subject Llorenç Planagumà. They say that they wanted to capture the hills with a new look and, therefore, they have photographed them from the inside. Likewise, they have collected many snapshots of natural and artificial objects related to these formations and their environment.

Sánchez and Moreno have stressed that at all times they have kept in mind the legacy of Arnau Bartrina, the passion that moved him to know, photograph and film nature. They claim that one of the most emotional moments was when his parents showed them the cabin on top of a tree, built with the help of his father and grandfather, where Arnau spent hours and hours and began birdwatching.

The Association in memory of Arnau Bartrina Luque is working on the project of an exhibition with a selection of the photographic work of the two scholarship recipients. They, now, begin the selection of the pile of photographs they have taken, and which must form into a photographic series that will offer a new look at the Garrotxins volcanic tossols.